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Range of spice casings available from Globus Group

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Globus Group has an exciting range of spice casings that impart a flavour onto cooked products such as cooked hams, smallgoods and chicken rolls that have been released onto the Australian market. The innovative packaging is an easy, no fuss method of applying spices.

Spice casings are internally coated casings consisting of an inner layer of sterilised blended spices, an edible middle carrier layer and a non edible, easily peeled outer permeable casing, suitable for easy smoking. Spice casings are simply filled into the casing and during the cooking process, the layer of spices transfer and impregnate the surface of the product. They can even be filled dry.

Some of the benefits of using spice casings are that they save time and labour expenses, do not leave messy waste, and leave a mouth watering attractive appearance on the outside of the product. The coatings remain firmly adhered to the product and are available in a range of distinctive flavours.

The spice casings are unique to Globus Group and are available in a full range of sizes and are supplied in either sheet or roll form.

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