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Perfect order management system developed by Globus Group

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Globus Group is a manufacturer of packaging and casings for the food industry in Australia and New Zealand. 

The perfect order management system was developed at Globus Group to ensure constant focus on business improvement and to enhance all the processes that impact Globus’ customers. 

The concept of perfect order being:

A comprehensive measurement system of demand-fulfilment capability, acting as a lightning rod for all the deficiencies in Globus’ operations

Globus Group formed a cross functional, multilayer team called the perfect order team whose focus is on the delivery of customer promises, process knowledge and communication. The team has the following objectives: 

Ensure Globus Group is perceived as a company that is easy to do business with

Provide customers with perfect order experiences

Ensure Globus’ business operations are in perfect order

Measuring and reporting on key service performance indicators

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