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Globus Group, the sponsor of Best Action Plan Award for 2006

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Globus Group is a specialist supplier of innovative packaging and equipment for perishable foods in Australia and New Zealand. Globus integrates various leading technologies in barrier films, bags; casings and processing equipment, to deliver solutions that make process and profit sense to its customers. Globus encourages and fosters excellence within the Australian and New Zealand food packaging and equipment industries, while providing quality products, expertise, exceptional technical ability, imagination and superior service to customers.  

Globus is the sponsor of the Best Action Plan Award for 2006. With over 55 years of experience in the food packaging and equipment industries, Globus is to support and encourage excellence in the perishable foods industry with which it has been involved for so long. As a stakeholder in the food industry, Globus recognises that excellence relates not only to providing top products, but it also requires attention to environmental sensitivity, so as to maintain the long term good reputation of the industry.

By sponsoring the Best Action Plan Award, Globus is hoping to foster innovation in packaging waste management, in accordance with the Packaging Covenant. Globus continues to be a respected and responsible member of the food packaging and equipment industries by encouraging and rewarding a brand owner’s environmentally conscious action plan.

Globus prides itself on striving to give customers the service and products, in order to meet and exceed its customer expectations. With this in view, Globus has recently undergone changes so as to better reach this goal. Globus has relocated its factory, engineering workshop, and head office to premises at Bankstown in Sydney. Globus has also increased manufacturing capacity, and implemented a Perfect Order system to deal with customer orders.   

Globus’ passion for product leadership is exemplified by its seamless order-delivery system, a service standard called Perfect Order. The Perfect Order Management System was developed to ensure constant focus on business improvement and to enhance all the processes that impact Globus’ customers. The system focuses on the delivery of customer promises, process knowledge (within key employees) and communication.

The consolidation of Globus’ Sydney plant has allowed for increased efficiencies and capability. The extra space allows for the installation of new equipment and additional technology, all of which contribute to Globus’ customers’ business success.

Globus has invested in new lamination and centre seal equipment, which means lower packaging costs per metre and faster, more flexible turnaround.

The single site operation at Bankstown will increase the speed at which jobs are produced and add efficiency to Globus’ inventory management capability. This translates into improved reliability of supply for customers.

A new printing press, to be commissioned in March this year, will mean faster printing with higher quality and standards of presentation.

Increased staff and laboratory facilities mean continuing development of innovative packaging and increased quality assurance. This means a lower price offer and a delivery performance guarantee for customers.

The new site has enabled Globus to progress towards HACCP accreditation. Globus already has an ISO 9001 and a quality management system in place to ensure quality product. sWith all the customer focused advancements that Globus is making, it is fitting that Globus is supporting the Best action plan award for 2006.

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