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Form Shrink from Globus Group

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Form Shrink is a new packaging system from Globus Group, which offers food processors the advantages of thermoform with the visual impact of shrink packs.

Thermoform operations are able to incorporate top loading automation potential with the resultant labour savings, higher productivity levels, less material waste and leaker/ contamination reduction. The Multivac thermoform range is able to customise the die to the product, and to offer an easy open feature.

The Globus Form Shrink films are high barrier for maximum shelf life, tough, together with high shrink tension to give a resultant second skin appearance. The films are easily formed at lower temperatures that give a uniform draw particularly in the corners, together with strong seals.

The Globus Form Shrink films are available in gauges to give higher abuse, and can be supplied in a range of colours. The high clarity and high gloss Form Shrink films can be printed.  

Form Shrink offers:
* Outstanding economics due to automatic vacuum thermoforming packaging
* Reduction in labour costs
* Perfect appearance
* Customised packaging for product
* New flexibility on pack design
* Greater reliability and hygiene
* Outstanding pack quality

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