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The Fibrous V type casing for smallgoods and emulsified meats is available from Globus Group.

The Fibrous V Type is the best type of fibrous casing for cooked and smoked products. The fibrous casing sticks to the product which reduces product movement inside the packaging. Fibrous V Type casing has an easy release so as to allow the product to be taken out easily and efficiently. Fibrous V Type is considered the traditional natural casing.

Globus Fibrous casings may be supplied as cut pieces in a requested length, in bundles and in reel form.

Production can also be customised in the following ways:
* Pre-sticking (pinholing) – Pre-stuck casing has the advantage of reducing the possibility of jelly, fat or air pocket formation on the finished product.
* Printing – All Globus Fibrous casings can be printed by flexographic printing press with maximum six colours on both sides of the casing.
* Shirring – Mechanically shirred casing ensures great increases in productivity in the filling process. Maximum diameter 200mm. Maximum length 60 metres.
* Tied or clipped with a loop.

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