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Colour case packaging for meats and smallgoods

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Colour casing food packaging from Globus Group imparts a colour onto the product.

Colour case is a non permeable casing internally coated with an edible coloured coating. The coating transfers during cooking imparting a solid colour or a pattern to the outside of the product
The transferred colour is consistently uniform and is available in a range of colours. Various patterns are also available such as netted look and roast. Alternatively patterns can be customer printed using customers own design.
* ready to stuff
* dry stuffing, no soaking
* overstuffing ratio 6% to 10%
* Reel stock
* shirred casings
* Clipped pieces
* FW 50 mm up to FW 400 mm

Structure/technical data:
* multi-layer flat film out of PE/PA/PE tape sealed into a tube impregnated with caramel wound up on reels or shirred
Special features:
* High-barrier
* Colour
* Cook & ship
* High-shrink or non-shrink

Processing advantages:
* easy and clean handling
* higher productivity
* higher production flexibility
* production safety
* no soaking, which means less bacteriological risk

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