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Globe Software  develops Atlas xl reporting solutions for Microsoft Axapta. Atlas xl for Axapta enables fast analysing, monitoring, understanding and act accordingly. Some of the current edition includes Atlas xl 3.5 standard edition, Atlas xl 3.5 Enterprise edition and upgrades to 3.5 standards.

Atlas xl 3.5 enterprises edition supports entire Axapta tables and other views present in the Application Object Tree which includes tables added to Axapta. Atlas xl 3.5 Standard edition supports Axapta financials like AP, AR and GL, trade like inventory, sales and purchasing, fixed assets, projects which are added to these module tables. Upgrades to 3.5 standards from Atlas xl 3.1 for Axapta 3.0, Atlas xl 2.5 for Axapta 2.5 and Atlas xl 1.11 for Axapta 2.1 are available for users who follow the current maintenance plan.

Atlas xl for Axapta MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operation) is basically an (EAM) Enterprise Asset Management system that provides operational and maintenance service and corporate control for assets. Axapta MRO offers enterprise asset management functionality which has been integrated with Microsoft Axapta ERP’s HR, financial and procurement modules.

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