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Positioning products manufactured and developed by Globaltech

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Globaltech  manufactures and develops positioning products. A technology platform developed by Globaltech captures 3-D positioning co-ordinates of magnetic and gravity data from the natural physical properties of the Earth.

Globaltech offers a technology which provides independent operation even in very harsh environments. The technology offered by Globaltech has been field proven and is suitable for applications of subsurface measurement such as mining, drilling, construction, exploration, military applications and marine surface.

Globaltech offers its services and products mainly to the oil and gas, mining and construction industries. Globaltech specialises in the distribution and development of Borehole Survey Systems for the listed industries that can be used by geologists, drillers and for 3-D exploration imaging software and services.

Borehole survey systems offered by Globaltech are driven by a solid-state digital device. This solid-state digital device enables accurate and fast measurements and captures raw data like the earth gravity orthogonal vectors and magnetic orthogonal vectors in any place, in any particular point under or on the Earth's surface. The blend of fast and multi data capture and the small physical size of the solid-state digital device makes it an ideal platform for various other applications ahead of exploration.

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