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Drilling and exploration technologies from Globaltech

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Globaltech  specialises in the manufacture and development of positioning products. Globaltech offers downhole survey technologies for drilling and exploration. Globaltech offers a technology platform that relies on the natural properties of Earth for accurate positioning and orientation data for exploration, drilling and construction applications.

Globaltech offers Borehole survey systems for mining, gas, oil and construction industries. Globaltech also offers tool certification services for calibration, testing and certification of gravity tools and magnetic sensors.

Globaltech utilises propriety tested technology platform for designing and manufacturing of reliable solutions that exceeds the unique needs of the customers and other specifications. Globaltech offers technologies which has proven and are ideal for subsurface measurement applications like mining, drilling, exploration, construction, military application and marine surface.

Globaltech’s team of qualified professionals provides extensive range of services that adhere to the quality standards and specifications. Globaltech provides innovative solution that exceeds the expectation of the customer’s requirements.

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