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Application driven technologies offered by Globaltech

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Application driven technologies have been developed by Globaltech to meet specific requirements of the market. The technologies behind Pathfinder product series offered by Globaltech for borehole survey are the result of specific know-how and R&D experience of machine language, digital circuitry and algorithms.

The experience of Globaltech extends to manufacturing and providing customers strong and reliable products. These attributes of Globaltech are evident in the products of Globaltech that are at present deployed in the market. The products range from demanding consumer products to industrial and commercial installations.

Globaltech offers Unique Calibration Facility. Globaltech has developed a unique calibration site in order to develop the base technology driving the pathfinder series. The base technology allows Globaltech to continue enhancing and developing its products to meet new demands.

The base technology also allows Globaltech to examine its products and certify and verify the accuracy of older products. This provides the customer with the essential information with regards to old and new tools that may be confirmed and used by them.

On board facilities of Globaltech include gravity orthogonal vectors, magnetic orthogonal vectors, infra red robust communications, real time clock, long life self power, mobile USB controller, data transfer, historical analyses, data processing, fast data capture and instant display.

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