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Welder training and welding procedures from Global Welding Technology

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Global Welding Technology  provides professional training program related to welding and manufacturing industries. A welding safety course with complete training manuals is offered for future reference.

Global Welding Technology has provided many various training programs like welder training, destructive testing, non destructive weld testing, welding procedures and safety programmes. Various companies that are benefited by Global Welding Technology’s training program includes Metlabs, ALKO, Vacuum Truck Supplies, AMEC Metlabs, Concept Boiler Systems, J & R fabrications, etc.

Paul Gillespie is a senior consultant and principal of Global Welding Technology, who has been involved in mechanical and chemical engineering fields for more than 20 years. He is basically a chemical engineer from Footscray Institute of Technology. He moved to manufacturing engineering field after working as a plant chemist for many years. He has wide knowledge in pressure vessel design, construction and in steam broiler industry. Paul Gillespie is now provides consultation services to the manufacturing industry with his wide experience and education.

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