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Global Safe Technologies unveils Safe Solution

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Global Safe Technologies  has launched floor safety – non slip – products and services for the entire Australian market.

Tasmania has joined as the new Authorised Dealer to the floor safety network.

The Global Safe Technologies Floor Safety Network spans across 3 continents and not only offers large anti slip product range for virtually any surfaces, but also the fully trained distributor, applicator and technical expert network which is there to ensure that its clients will have a comprehensive floor safety advice.

What is the Safe Solution?

Safe Solution is a chemical solution designed to increase traction by creating microscopic channels in several hard mineral surfaces, such as, ceramic tile, quarry tile, granite, porcelain, and as well, steel enamel bathtubs.

Safe Solution is not paint nor is it a coating.

The Safe Solution treatment system is non-toxic and combined with the Neutraliser Solution, it becomes biodegradable.

How does it work?

When water or grease puddle on non-porous hard mineral surfaces, you are actually hydroplaning on the film of water or contaminants.

After The Safe Solution treatment system is applied, microscopic channels are created for the water and oils to be disbursed from under foot, allowing you to make contact with the surface at all times.

To the naked eye and touch, the surface is virtually unchanged when dry.

The Safe Solution increases traction to existing surfaces:

In Australia the product has been independently tested by the CSIRO and other NATA accredited engineers and has consistently shown a dramatic improvement of the slip resistance of the surface and has exceeded the relevant standard requirements for the specific situation.

Global Safe Technologies is also offering for commercial clients a peace of mind risk management program called FSMP, which comes at no additional cost to the client, when the surface was anti slip treated by a company authorised dealer.

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