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Floor Tuff Green coating from Global Safe Technologies

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Global Safe Technologies  has announced that its product range now includes the water based environmentally friendly version of the Floor Tuff polyurethane coating called Floor Tuff Green.

Floor Tuff Green has been built on the good qualities of Floor Tuff. Utilising the new water based polyurethane technology, Floor Tuff Green now offers higher slip resistance, longer useful life, reduced curing time at a lower cost.

Floor Tuff Green’s slip resistance has achieved high slip resistance Class V classification. Independent accelerated surface wear testing has shown that the product after 8 years still performs. The curing time has also dramatically been reduced, requiring minimum or no downtime for client’s business operation.

Due to technological advances and cost efficiencies, the application cost of the product has also been reduced. This is an absolute win for Global Safe Technologies’ clients as now they can have an environmentally friendly, slip resistant and long lasting Australian made non slip floor surfacing product installed with minimum or no downtime at a lower cost.

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