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Floor Safety Maintenance Program

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GLOBAL Safe Technologies Australia has released its unique Floor Safety Maintenance Program, "FSMP" for commercial clients.

This program is only charged out at the time of the initial anti-slip application and when the floor surface requires anti-slip rejuvenations (up to two years or more) it and comes all inclusive at no additional cost to the client.

When a slip fall risk is identified, a typical customer's relevant department will contact a floor safety specialist company to rectify the problem.

This company will do a sample, and then if the sample is satisfactory and the quote is accepted, the company will complete the job and the floor will be slip resistant in line with the relevant Australian standards.

Global Safe Technologies, even at this stage, is different than any other anti-slip company as it will provide the client with an initial Floor Safety Inspection report, where they show the floor's condition, the condition of the customer's cleaning equipment and relevant Australian Standard requirements.

Once the customer agrees to their services, they then provide inspections on an ongoing basis, staff training in proper floor cleaning procedures, identify the correct cleaner to be used and introduce to the customer their own superior cleaning formula, specifically designed for Safe Solution treated surfaces.

At this stage, Global Safe Technologies will then provide their FSMP warranty to the customer. This warranty will stay in effect for however long the customer remains on their FSMP, which can be for the lifetime of the floor surface.

The warranty is also based on the customer following Global Safe Technologies’ recommendations: to maintain customer due diligence and to maintain the safety conditions of the treated floor surface.

If an unfortunate slip fall accident should occur, and the business has taken heed of Global Safe Technologies’ recommendations, the FSMP warranty will provide the customer with all relevant documentation showing that they have indeed taken all necessary practical steps and taken due diligence to provide and maintain a safer working environment.

Other companies may provide a warranty, however, this warranty usually is based only on the floor surface slip resistive qualities, and a time period where those slip resistant qualities will not be reduced - after which it is usually up to the client to do everything on their own to maintain the floor, which Global Safe Technologies would normally provide in their FSMP.

Global Safe Technologies, after talking to its very large international client base, has identified the need to provide this complete floor care solution - at no additional cost to the client – as part of the Floor Safety Maintenance Program.

The company provides staff training, ongoing written monitoring, ongoing advice, and most importantly, the necessary documentation showing customer due diligence.

If other anti-slip providers offer any of these above services at all, it will more than likely come with additional costs to the client.

The Floor Safety Maintenance Program includes:

* Staff training in proper floor care and cleaning procedures and assisting the client with producing specific in-house safety policies, such as a wet floor policy.

* Assistance with identifying the correct cleaning chemical to be used, or introducing Clean Step, Global Safe Technologies’ Superior Multipurpose Cleaner, Degreaser and Sanitiser (formerly known as the Maintenance Solution).

* Ongoing and regular written Floor Safety Inspection reports and recommendations, which will also include theier own in-house Coefficient of Friction "COF" test measurements using the Slip Alert device. For those clients that require certified COF testing, Global Safe Technologies will assist them by providing reputable and certified engineers to perform the testing, such as the Wet Pendulum test.

* Valuable documentation - Warranty Certificate, Floor Safety Inspection reports, and on request an Affidavit in support that the client has followed the FSMP to monitor the slip fall risk on an ongoing basis.

The FSMP offers an all inclusive ongoing risk management program to the client, providing complete peace of mind slip fall prevention.

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