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Large water cartage tanks from Global Rotomoulding

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With the drought breaking across Australia, Global Rotomoulding still have demand for water cartage tanks and therefore have released a new range of large water cartage tanks.

Further expansion of Global Rotomoulding's water cartage tank range continues with new product development and further releases planned for November 2010.

Water cartage tanks are made from a specially formulated polyethylene for transport applications and are UV stabilised with food grade approval. The advangae of polyethylene water cartage tanks is they are light weight and meet all the requirements to undertake the task. A baffle bone system has been developed to minimize liquid surge and sloshing.

Along with the water cartage tanks Global Rotomoulding also manufactures a range of diesel, fertigation and molasses tanks. The type of polyethylene and shot weight of these tanks vary to meet the product requirements.

Global Rotomoulding recommend that their large cartage tanks are pin mounted using high tensile bolts to secure the pins to the chassis or deck.

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