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Global Pumps  presents an extensive range of sump pump packages that include polyethylene sumps and pre-cast GRC (glass reinforced cement) sumps designed for low flow-rate applications. The sump pump packages also include a collection of automatic sump pumps featuring a high quality and compact design.  

GRC sumps are made from Glass Reinforced Cement, a combination of cement mortar and glass fibre that delivers rigidity and robustness to the sump. GRC sumps offer several advantages in terms of cost, weight, handling, installation, labour and transport, and are more economical as well as lighter than any other pre-cast pits.  

The lightweight construction of GRC sumps eliminates the need for lifting equipment or a crane, allowing a single person to handle the sump.  

The highly functional and reliable sump pump packages by Global Pumps include polyethylene sumps available in a single size in a robust and very lightweight construction. Designed for multiple applications, the sumps can be used as silt traps and collection sumps for larger stormwater systems. These sumps also come with a choice of lid options such as heavy or light service cast iron covers, light service hinged aluminium lids and hot dip galvanised grates.  

Global Pumps’ GP range of submersible sump pumps is ideal for pumping stormwater, mildly contaminated wastewater and drainage water. Sump pump package pumps can be accessed with check valve, flexible hose and isolating valve, all pre-plumbed for easy on-site installation. All the units are 240V, fitted with 5m or 10m motor cables and featuring in-built overload protection.  

Available in both manual and automatic versions, the sump pumps have the capacity to handle greywater as well as soft solids up to 50mm in diameter.  

The Global Pumps sump pump package model GSP finds use in stormwater, sullage, condensate drainage, septic effluent, industrial waste and sub-soil drainage applications among others.

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