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Prevent accidents by using Techniflo drum pumps from Global Pumps

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Techniflo drum pumps from Global Pumps are designed to help decant and transfer chemicals and other dangerous liquids safely.

Spills involving chemicals or toxic liquids during transfers can result in dangerous consequences. Recently, two people were hospitalised with breathing complications following an industrial accident in which a reported 1000 litres of an unspecified chemical was spilt in a warehouse in Heathwood on Stradbroke Street, according to the Department of Community Safety.

Workplaces handling dangerous substances are always at risk of similar spills. Accidents can be prevented with Techniflo drum pumps from Global Pumps that will help with safe transfers of chemicals and various dangerous liquids, ensuring the safety and health of workers as well as residents in the neighbourhood.

Engineered in Germany for high quality, Techniflo drum pumps are designed to prevent any kind of chemical spill or accident. Featuring a new lightweight and portable design, Techniflo drum pumps ensure 100% efficiency and safety for any workplace handling various chemicals.

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