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Mining pumps from All Pumps Supplies for challenging applications

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Mining pumps available from All Pumps Supplies are designed to perform well in challenging applications in harsh environments.

All Pumps Supplies stocks and distributes a range of mining pumps throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to pumping liquids of varying quality and quantity, mining pumps also have to meet the expectations of the investors since the life and performance of the pumps will have a direct effect on the company’s profitability.

Mining pumps from All Pumps Supplies are designed to withstand corrosive and abrasive fluids without causing any damage to pump components. These pumps also offer maximum availability with minimal maintenance requirement or downtime.

Key requirements for mining pumps in challenging applications: 

  • Should repeatedly and efficiently deliver desired quantity of the products into the process line without losing any capacity, ensuring that the process variables are stable   
  • Should resist abrasives that may be present in the fluids since the mining pumps have to pump a variety of fluids 
  • Should be able to handle corrosive liquids efficiently without getting corroded and without allowing the fluids to leak, ensuring workplace safety   
  • Should be able to pump various other fluids that may change as per the process variations 
  • Should be available for pumping at all times without downtime   
  • Should be easily controlled and monitored from the central control system of the plant   
  • Should require minimal attention and maintenance 

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