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All Pumps Supplies presents the Techniflo magnetic drive pumps, a leak-free range of hi-tech centrifugal pumps designed for pumping harsh chemicals. Techniflo pumps are world-leading sealless magnetic drive pumps with zero leakage.

Chemical leakages from various industries can cause large scale damage to humans, animals and aquatic life.

Techniflo magnetic drive pumps can be used for pumping corrosive and hazardous chemicals including dirty, aggressive and solids-laden liquids.

Built to withstand the damaging effects of aggressive chemicals, the Techniflo mag drive pumps feature a non-metallic material construction for excellent corrosion resistance. In addition to a magnetic drive, these chemical pumps are hermetically sealed from the driving end, very similar to the hermetically sealed compressors used in refrigerators.

The driving power to the shaft of the Techniflo magnetic drive pumps is transmitted via magnetic force using power synchronous magnets. The hermetically sealed pumps prevent any risk of leakage of the fluid being pumped.

Techniflo zero-leak mag drive pumps are leading edge technology pumps made of engineered plastics and high grade ceramics. By eliminating mechanical seals and glands in the design, the magnetic drive pumps prevent leakage of chemicals, regardless of their corrosive properties. The non-metallic parts used with the leak-free pumps have excellent corrosion resistance.

Key features of Techniflo magnetic drive pumps:

  • Non-metallic wetted parts in contact with corrosive and hazardous chemicals, display excellent corrosion resistance   
  • No seals or glands in the design 
  • Handles highly contaminated liquids containing solid particles   
  • Hermetically sealed, ensuring completely leak-free pumps   
  • Prevents dry running 
  • Available in over 50 sizes 

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