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Pumps are widely used in industrial and commercial environments to handle a diverse range of pumping requirements.

Slurry is the most common type of liquid pumped in industries such as mining, construction and chemicals. Slurry is a thick, viscous and semi-liquid mixture of a number of minerals such as copper, chrome, cobalt, nickel, gold, platinum, silver, uranium and coal.

These minerals from the earth get mixed with water to form a muddy liquid called slurry, which may range from thin to highly thick in consistency depending upon the quantity of mineral particles. Less viscous slurries are called non-settling slurries that have fine particles and are easier to pump, while those having coarser particles are called settling slurries.

Though a number of pumps are suitable for pumping slurries, peristaltic hose pumps are highly popular and selected primarily for their ability to handle corrosive slurries.

Slurries may be corrosive, depending on the physical and chemical properties of the mineral content. It is important to select abrasion-resistant industrial slurry pumps for slurry handling applications to prevent damage to the pump. The type of liquid is the biggest variable that determines selection of the type and size of slurry pumps.

The chemical and physical properties of the liquid within the slurry can get altered based on a number of factors such as the type, size, shape and concentration of solid mineral particles, reactivity ratio between solids and liquids, as well as smooth and high pressure flow.

Slurry pumping always needs to be in a smooth continuous flow. Gaps or disruptions in pumping flow can cause the slurry to settle down, resulting in clogged areas, hardened liquid and an inefficient pumping process.

All pumps have a low pressure suction point and a high pressure discharge end, which are necessary to make the liquid flow and not settle down inside the pump. Slurries are highly viscous and are moved from one point to another to complete a pumping cycle only at the exertion of very high pressure and powerful vacuum generation.

Global Pumps  are the importers, manufacturers and distributors of pumps and pumping systems as well as water treatment equipment, offering a complete range of pumps throughout Australia and New Zealand including the Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps.

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