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All Pumps Supplies has available a complete range of industrial pumps and spares. Industrial magnetic drive centrifugal pumps have proven there performance, quality and reliability.

The range of industrial pumps on offer includes:

Centrifugal pumps: Centrifugal pumps were designed to the highest standards. They also go through a tough screening process, as these magnetic centrifugal pumps are individually factory tested to verify their operational performance.

Industrial metering dosing pumps: These pumps are also a very robust pump in having ability to perform a range of duties, which include tuff mining and chemical applications. These metering pumps have many different control options and are a good choice for precise metering/dosing.

Industrial drum pumps: Industrial drum pumps are light weight and very robust for various applications including decanting from a range of drums, barrels and containers. The drum pumps are available in many different driver options: hand operated, electric operated and air driven.

Industrial diaphragm pumps: These industrial diaphragm pumps are air operated double diaphragm pumps that are positive displacement, self priming, variable speed and available in various materials to accommodate many applications. These diaphragm pumps also can run dry without damage.

Industrial peristaltic hose pumps: These particular pumps are available in many different sizes and materials for different applications. The good thing about industrial peristaltic hose pumps is that there is only one main waring part and can handle very abrasive fluids. The peristaltic hose pumps also have a very good suction lift; they can handle a large amount of solids and have the ability to run dry without damage.

Industrial helical rotor pumps are a positive displacement and are good for dosing, transfer and dewatering. They come in a range of materials for different applications.

All industrial pumps from All Pumps Supplies are compatible for many different industries and applications including mining, food, beverage and even the waste water treatment area.

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