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Global Pumps supplies Techniflo high viscosity drum pumps for pumping lime putty

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A WA water authority is using Techniflo eccentric screw drum pumps supplied by Global Pumps to pump lime slurry efficiently.
The water authority required a pump to transfer lime putty - a highly viscous and chemically corrosive liquid - from IBCs. Global Pumps stepped up to the challenge and after assessing various application factors, recommended an eccentric screw drum pump to satisfy all requirements.
Key requirements for the Techniflo eccentric screw drum pump included a flow rate of 50L/min and resistance to the corrosive and abrasive properties of lime putty. The pump also needed to be supplied with a 54mm diameter, 1200mm long immersion tube compatible with the IBCs used by the company to store the lime putty.
Eccentric screw pumps are appropriate for viscous fluids such as lime putty due to the mechanical properties of the pumping action produced by the pump. A helical screw is used to gently raise the product by trapping it between the threads of the screw and the immersion tube walls. When the screw rotates, the product traverses up the inclined plane of the screw thread and out the top of the pump.
Additionally, Techniflo eccentric screw drum pumps can withstand both the chemically corrosive liquid as well as the abrasive properties caused by suspended particles of calcium hydroxide, since the pumps are manufactured using hard-wearing materials designed to be resistant to these conditions.
The pump was also supplied with a 1200mm long immersion tube, enabling the water authority to completely empty the IBCs containing the lime putty.
Installed in November 2012, the pump has been working well to the satisfaction of company officials.

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