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Global Pumps launches new Verderflex HPLV peristaltic pumps

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article image Verderflex HPLV Dura5 and Dura7 peristaltic pumps
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Verderflex HPLV Dura5 and Dura7 peristaltic pumps available from Global Pumps are designed to minimise or eliminate common problems associated with low volume dosing pumps.

The new Dura5 at 23L/hr and Dura7 at 39L/hr maximum flow rates are designed to deliver sub-litre per hour dosing at between 5 and 8 Bar in a peristaltic hose pump format, which eliminates or reduces problems such as vapour locking when pumping chemicals; high maintenance costs due to wear from abrasion, reduced efficiency due to chemical crystallisation within the pump, and increased chemical usage due to high shear stress pumping, resulting in loss of flocculent particles.

Many drinking water production facilities use sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) for disinfection. The food industry also uses sodium hypochlorite to prevent bacterial contamination. Sodium hypochlorite naturally decomposes into sodium chloride and oxygen gas. This gas can cause an airlock in traditional pumps unless vented ball valves and high point air relief valves are incorporated into the pumping system.

Hose pumps such as the Dura5 and Dura7 where the sodium hypochlorite is always contained within the hose, are considered an accepted solution to this problem. Preventing airlock or vapour lock in this way has the benefit of reduced downtime and associated maintenance cost. Additionally, the hose pump design prevents any crystallisation of chemicals that may result in seats not functioning properly within seals.

Verderflex HPLV Dura5 and Dura7 peristaltic pumps also excel in the pumping of lime, a chemical used to control pH in wastewater treatment plants, industrial waste treatment and other acidity control processes. Lime contains fine particles that act as an abrasive in any pump, resulting in high pump ownership costs due to component replacement and increased downtime.

Historically, peristaltic hose pumps are the proven solution to pumping lime. Verderflex has developed abrasion resistant hoses, the only component of a peristaltic hose pump that contacts the process fluid.

Verderflex HPLV Dura5 and Dura7 peristaltic hose pumps deliver several benefits to the pumping application.

Since the pumps run symmetrically forward and backwards, blockages can be cleared without maintenance intervention. Heavy duty hoses do not require tensioning after initial installation.Both models can dry prime to 9.5m of water (compared to ~5m with diaphragm pumps).

Since the hoses are lubricated from the outside, hose pumps can run dry without causing expensive burnouts or costly downtime.

Stable volume delivery is assured with the Dura5/7 hoses giving consistent flow rates even under changing conditions. The in-built secondary containment feature ensures the pumped liquid is contained within a high pressure hose and the hose is contained within the pump casing, resulting in a safe operation, allowing early spillage detection and eliminating the need for expensive spillage bunds.

Excellent safety is ensured with the reinforced hose used in the Dura5/7 having a burst pressure in excess of 80 Bar. The Dura5/ Dura7 peristaltic pumps are able to pump liquids with high viscosity thanks to the reinforced hose that allows pumping of liquids over 1000 cP without any additional parts.

Maintenance is simplified with only the hose in contact with the process fluid, minimising downtime and need for frequent servicing due to the long-life hoses. Hose changing can be accomplished by the staff with minimal training, keeping the TCO low.

Operation of the pumps has also been simplified with the Dura5/7 remotely controlled by standardised inverters.

The Dura5/7 uses the same casing as the Dura10, ensuring scalability with changing requirements. Flow rates can be scaled up on-site with a new hose and replacement of a few standard components.

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