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All Pumps Supplies offers a range of easy-to-install double diaphragm pumps for applications in a variety of industries.

  The gentle pumping action, chemical handling capability and food grade option makes these pumps suitable for a wide range of applications including:

·         Beverage industry: Yeast, diatomaceous earth, slurry, dregs, liquid hops, sugar syrup, wine, fruit, corn syrup.

·         Pharmaceutical industry: Vegetable extracts, tablet pastes, alcohols, filtering aids, ultra filtration, blood plasma.

·         Electronic industry: Solvents, electroplating baths, ultrapure liquids, carrier fluids for ultra-sonic washing, sulphuric nitric and acid wastes, etching acids, acetone, polishing compound.

·         Paint and coatings: Resins, solvents, wood preservative stain, concrete paints, titanium dioxide slurry, dispersions, varnish cleaning baths.

·         Food: Brine, chocolate, vinegar, molasses, dog & cat food, vegetable oil, honey, animal blood.

Other  advantages of double diaphragm pumps include a low parts count for ease of maintenance and reduced running costs through higher efficiencies as well as the ability to run dry inevitably without damage.

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