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Dewatering for mining: How to dewater your operations

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Global Pumps presents a new range of smart dewatering pumps from Sulzer Pumps.

The ABS submersible dewatering sludge pump XJS, and the ABS submersible dewatering drainage pump XJ are two of the toughest dewatering pumps for sludge and drainage applications respectively.

Be it on the surface or underground, conditions in mines are harsh. Besides the mud, slurry, stones and rocks, there are large volumes of water to be removed to keep production moving. 

Sulzer Pumps has taken a hard look at mining applications to develop a new generation of dewatering pumps. 

The ABS submersible dewatering pumps XJ/XJS feature built-in electronic intelligence including AquaTronic, AquaPlug and a smart level sensor to provide major benefits. 

Correct motor rotation is ensured every time with the pump electronically adjusting for incorrect phase order. The pump stops in the event of a power overload and/or high temperature to protect the motor. A USB port allows the pump condition to be checked with a PC without disassembly, for rapid assessment of operation or fault history. Built-in pump electronics eliminate traditional electrical control panels. The pump can be set to stop at dry running and start again at a specified level to save energy and minimise wear.

Sulzer Pumps’ ABS submersible dewatering pumps XJ/XJS feature a robust design and smart capabilities, ensuring reliable drainage and sludge dewatering. The two ABS submersible dewatering pumps also offer a smart choice for mine managers who need solid economic reasons for purchasing equipment.

Delivering an optimal working environment and high production efficiency, these dewatering pumps offer advantages such as plug-and-pump operation, unique design for trouble-free operation, robust construction for high wear resistance, smart features to maximise pump life, and energy-saving and environment-friendly performance.

The AquaTronic feature ensures correct motor rotation, irrespective of power connection; stops the pump at dry running; allows pump start via temperature control or level sensor; stops the pump upon alarm for overload or high temperature; stops the pump upon missing phase or extreme phase unbalance; allows pump performance and service diagnostic data to be viewed on a PC via USB connection, enabling accurate evaluation of service and maintenance needs; and provides warnings for high and low voltage, low motor insulation and water in oil.

The AquaPlug operates as a start-stop panel, offering a series of monitoring features to warn the user of potential problems before they cause failure. There is no need for an external control panel. The level sensor feature works with AquaPlug to provide precise water level control.

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