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Case study: Submersible pump lasts ten times longer with special coating

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article image (Top) Pump wear after only 5 days in contact with slurry; (Bottom) MetalLine-treated pump’s clean impeller surface after 10 weeks of service
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A uranium ore processing facility was facing a corrosion challenge in its centrifugal pumps, which were being used to pump slurry through its plant.

Consisting of crushed uranium ore mixed with reactive chemicals, the slurry was both highly abrasive and corrosive, causing metal components coming in contact with the slurry to erode and wear extremely quickly, impacting the pump’s performance.

Global Pumps replaced the centrifugal pump with the same model, except that the new pump had its interior metal surfaces coated with an elastomeric compound formulated to withstand corrosive and abrasive process fluids.

Both the impeller and the pump casing of the new pump were coated with MetalLine 785 elastomeric coating as a protectant against the slurry.

After observing the pump over 10 weeks of service, no failure was detected. During routine maintenance inspection, no wear was noticed on the completely intact elastomer and impeller, leading to the conclusion that the MetalLine elastomeric coating had made a significant difference to the durability of the pump’s interior components.

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