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Case Study: Dealing with pump corrosion in copper mining

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VerderFlex Dura 15 hose pumps were supplied to a copper mining operation that was facing challenges with its progressive cavity pumps.

The mining site used progressive cavity pumps to dose copper sulphate into thickeners, which helped to separate usable metal from stone. However, the pump’s internal metal components reacted to the aggressive chemical of copper sulphate, and also faced mechanical degradation caused by abrasion. The progressive cavity pumps therefore required constant monitoring after just a short time in service.

The continuous wear caused changes in the flow rate, requiring the speed of the pump to be adjusted to re-establish the required flow rate. The constant attention that the pumps demanded from the operators was not an efficient use of personnel time, according to the mine’s managers. Additionally, the dosing efficiency also suffered due to the flow rate changes.

VerderFlex Dura 15 hose pumps replaced the existing progressive cavity pumps, resolving the problem. Since hose pumps only have the hose as a wearing part, the hose is designed to be abrasion and chemical resistant. Most importantly, the hose could be easily and quickly replaced, which was a great advantage at the 24/7 plant, where downtime equalled lost revenue.

VerderFlex Dura hose pumps are available in Australia from Global Pumps .

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