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Case Study: Dealing with abrasive slurry in water treatment

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A water treatment plant in Georgia, USA sought a new pumping system for their facility to deal with efficiency and downtime issues.

The plant sourced water from multiple wells to provide its customers with fresh treated water. The plant used a diaphragm pump at one of its well sites to directly treat the well output with lime slurry; the output was discharged either into the water system or into a storage tank.

The unmanned site operated on average 12 hours each day. The lime slurry was required to be pumped into the well output at up to 11.4 litres/minute (3 gpm) at a pressure of 4 bar (60 psi), with the diaphragm pump using check valves to provide one-way flow from the pump.

The check valves were prone to quick wear, impacting pumping efficiency and necessitating site visits by the water treatment facility staff on a daily basis to monitor the pump’s performance and adjust the flow/pressure accordingly.

Plant supervisor Mr Gibson sought a solution that would eliminate the need for daily site visits, thereby reducing the manpower needed to produce water from this well.

Verderflex Dura, a peristaltic pump was recommended to replace the diaphragm pump. Peristaltic metering pumps such as the Verderflex Dura are designed robustly to prevent abrasive wear and loss of efficiency over time.

Following a two-month trial period at the plant well site, the feedback from the client was positive with Mr Gibson describing the pump’s performance as very consistent and not requiring any adjustment.

Additionally, the electric motor and electronic variable speed controller were salvaged from the existing diaphragm pump and used to drive the Verderflex Dura, resulting in cost savings of more than a thousand dollars for the client.

The water treatment plant has decided to upgrade all of its diaphragm pumps to Verderflex Dura peristaltic hose pumps in the near future.

Verderflex Dura pumps are available in Australia from Global Pumps .

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