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All Pumps Supplies offers Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps for dosing applications in mining

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Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps, available from All Pumps Supplies find a diverse range of applications in the mining industry.

These peristaltic hose pumps are typically used for dosing process reagents, coagulants and flocculants in various mining processes.

Minerals content in mineral ores varies continuously and the recovery systems accommodate these variations. Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps perform the crucial function of varying the dosing rates consistently to optimise chemical usage while maintaining the output from the plant.  

The peristaltic pumps complement the plant SCADA systems since they have linear flow-speed characteristics and excellent repeatability.  

Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps are also ideal for pumping highly corrosive process reagents such as cyanides and acids. The hose in the peristaltic pumps is highly resistant to these harsh chemicals, and being the only part of the pump that comes in contact with the dangerous chemicals, prevents damage to other pump components.  

Chemicals such as lime, which is used for controlling the pH of the solutions, are highly abrasive in nature, causing continuous clogging of conventional diaphragm pumps that can result in extensive downtime and maintenance problems.  

Verderflex peristaltic pumps supplied by All Pumps Supplies offer excellent performance in lime dosing into process and waste with many of these pumps used for bulk dosing to remediate post-mining waste and effluents.  

Reagents mixed at the mine or processing plant form imperfect dissolved solutions, creating solids in the liquid streams, which can be harmful to ordinary pumps, but not to Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps.  

The robust Verderflex peristaltic pumps have a seal-free design that eliminates the possibility of leakage of harmful chemicals into the workplace, which also prevents environmental contamination.

These pumps can be nickel plated to maximise their corrosion resistance and increase operational life while handling highly aggressive solutions such as copper sulphate.  

Verderflex dosing pumps have a gentle pumping action resulting in lower shear rate of chemical particles compared to traditional pumps. This feature helps maintain the flocculent size, keeping flocculation efficient while requiring lesser use of chemicals.

All Pumps Supplies imports Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps for the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

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