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MX-200 and MX-400 disintegrators from Global Data Destruction

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The MX-200 from Global Data Destruction is one of Australia's first small business sized multi media disintegrator. The MX-200 from Global Data Destruction meets SCEC requirements to top secret. MX-200 encompasses specifications such as USA Dept of Defence High Security crosscut cut type, 250 millimetre feed opening, three millimetre particle shred size, throughput up to 65kg per hour, five blade (3rotating, 2 stationary) cutting system, five HP and 220 volt motor peak Hp, vacuum waste collection system, 147kg shipping weight, brushed stainless steel finish, key lock provides unauthorized use of units.

The MX-400 from Global Data Destruction is evaluated by the US National Security Agency (NSA). MX-400 meets NSA/CSS Specification 02-02, high security disintegrators, NSA/CSS 04-02 optical media destruction devices. The MX-400 is a high volume disintegrator that will process all forms of paper and plastics found in an office environment. The MX-400 attributes high speed rotating blades for increased throughputas well as multimedia use. MX-400 has integrated sound reduction panels mounted on large castors and is also easy to operate with safety interlock switches. MX-400 in addition offers features such as extra large 410 millimetre into 500 millimetre feed opening, integrated sound reduction panels, time clock, amp meter, safety interlock switches and large castors.

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