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Satellite solution, leaky feeder available from Global Communications Services

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Global Communication Services  offers reliable as well as advanced leaky feeder systems to mining industry across Australia. The superior products and knowledge of Global Communications Services provides one of the best services to its clients. The large stocks of components and leaky feeder cable offered by Global Communications Services are competitively priced that support the systems of all major manufacturers of VHF leaky feeder systems such as MRS, Minecom, MST using the VAris Ranger Leaky Feeder products. The leak feeder system offered by Global Communications Services encompasses features such as remote and local diagnostics, 500 metre spacing and an unlimited two year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Telstra Mobile Satellite of Global Communications Services is a new mobile phone solution that uses unique IridiumTM Satellite technology in order to deliver a portable voice and data phone service in the remotest locations around Australia. The Telstra Mobile Satellite handset looks and works like a terrestrial mobile phone, except that it is slightly bigger with more powerful batteries, and the coverage area is examined by the 66 orbiting Iridium satellites Australia wide. Telstra has also designed a diverse range of reasonably priced access plans. The Motorola manufactured handsets come with a diverse range of useful accessories that can be used for calling from a boat or on foot, vehicle, that are simple and convenient as possible.

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