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Production and installation of coils from Global Coils

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Global Coils  is an Australian manufacturer of AC and DC coils. Global Coils is committed to work inline with its customers to offer them an on-time, cost effective and long-term solution to the constant need of rotating industrial equipment.

Customers of Global Coils include electric motor repairers and new machine manufacturers who supply their products to the mining, rail and power generation industries. Global Coils has the ability to manufacture coils that accurately meets the demand of customers. Coils from Global Coils include low voltage coils, high voltage coils and minimal to maximal coils,

Through its materials, designs, construction and insertion, Global Coils provides long-term durability for its coils. ABB, Alstom Power, EDI Rail, P&H Minepro, United Goninan are few of the valuable customers of Global Coils.

Global Coils offers various benefits to its customers. As coils are its only business, Global Coils has an extensive product knowledge which includes quality insulation systems and consistency of products. Global Coils also provides after sales support and technical back up, helping customers achieve their business goals.

Global Coils is an ISO certified company, which makes its credibility trustable.

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