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Beijer Electronics Exter M70 handheld operator panel available from Global Automation

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Beijer Electronics introduced a user-friendly series of operator panels-Exter. With a weight of only 1.3 kg and an ergonomic design, Exter M70 provides the industry with a handheld interface that is easy to bring to the critical areas of a machine or process.

The IP65-rated operator panel is the first handheld panel from Beijer Electronics. Exter M70 has been designed for industrial use and just like other Exter panels, it is configured with the intuitive software Information Designer.

Suitable for machine settings and robot teaching:

Product manager Marcus Jillgart said that there are several areas of use for Exter M70. He explained, “There are many cases where it is necessary to have a close look at the application while handling the operator panel. It can be when teaching a robot, or when doing the initial settings of a machine. Now this is possible without having to run back and forth, which saves the operator valuable time.”

“There are also applications that today require an extra person to ensure that everything runs as it should, for instance when starting and stopping. With Exter M70, the operator can handle this alone.”

Focus on safety:

When moving the operator away from the regular controls, new safety aspects have to be taken into consideration. Exter M70 has a big, red safety-stop on the front, so that the operator can make an emergency stop at any time. You also have the choice to use an enabling switch that needs to be pressed when operating the user interface.

“This ensures that no commands are given by mistake while walking around with the panel,” explains Marcus Jillgart, who always mentions another feature to prevent unauthorized use.
“There is possibilities to configure Exter M70 with password-protected security levels, so that different parameters and actions are dedicated to the password holders.”

Ergonomic design for comfortable use:

EXTER M70 has been designed for both left and right-handed use. It is possible to connect the cable on either side of the panel and the rounded handle on the back provides grips for a comfortable grip in either hand.

Another reason for the users to smile is the high-resolution TFT display. With 640x480 pixels, objects and images are presented with a high level of detail, leaving no room for misinterpretations.

More information on the product is available from Global Automation Asia-Pacific .

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