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Compressor pumps, vertical air receivers, refrigerated dryers available from Glenco Manufacturing

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The Fusheng cast iron pumps from Glenco Manufacturing comprise of heavy duty and low rotational speed industrial design, cast iron cylinder heads with rugged poppet valves, oversized crankcase oil reservoir with oil level sight glass, forged alloy steel crankshaft with rolling element main bearings. The Fusheng cast iron pumps also offers features such as precision machined cast iron crankcase and cylinders, built-in head unloaders with interconnecting copper tubing, long life compression and oil control piston rings, manufactured to stringent ISO 9001 quality standards, noise suppressed air intakes with replaceable filter elements, deep directional cooling fins with streamlined air passages, V-belt drive compatible with electric, petrol and diesel motors.

The Fusheng refrigerated dryers provided by Glenco Manufacturing encompasses features such as high efficiency stainless steel heat exchanger, environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant, unobstructed low pressure loss air flow path, standard 240 Volt electrical plug connection, fan-forced air cooled refrigerant condenser, automatic condensate drain with isolation valve, drew point gauge to confirm system function, manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards, corrosion resistant chassis and enclosure.

The vertical air receivers offered by Glenco Manufacturing are specially designed with reference to use them in industrial compressed air systems. The vertical air receivers are also certified by the America Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The unique feature of vertical air receivers is that they are designed, manufactured as well as tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1210, OH&S registered design approved for workplace use in all Australian States and Territories, industry preferred socket sizes and placement reinforced vessel support attachments, individually packed in a horizontal position inside a full timber crate with plastic bag cover and so on.

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