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Medical condition symptoms from GlaxoSmithKline Australia

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GlaxoSmithKline Australia  offers medical condition characteristic in terms of various medical issues such as allergy & hayfever, breast cancer, asthma, cervical cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. GlaxoSmithKline Australia also offers common conditions in terms of certain medical issues such as children's pain and fever, denture care, cold sores, genital herpes, diabetes, depression, heart attack & stroke, oral hygiene, epilepsy, vaccine preventable disease – travel, heartburn & acid indigestion, malaria, smoking cessation, osteoporosis, sensitive teeth, HIV/aids, restless legs syndrome.

The symptom of asthma includes wheezing (a high pitch raspy sound or whistle on breathing), tightness in the chest, coughing and shortness of breath. The common asthma triggers consists of colds and chest infections, exercise, allergens (e.g. house dust mites and pollens), cigarette smoke, air pollution, cold air and stress. Initial signs of breast cancer may include a thick or dimpled skin, small painless lump, or nipple retraction. Common causes of childhood pain and fever comprises of teething, earache, headache, cold and flu, sore throat and immunisation.

Symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst and frequent urination, and frequent skin and fungal infections, tiredness and fatigue. Allergy & hayfever are characterised by sneezing, nasal itching and congestion, a runny nose, and sinus pain.

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