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Shift lights available from Gizzmo Electronics

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The dual stage shift lights from Gizzmo Electronics utilises a polished blue anodised aluminum casing in order to host a matrix of ultra-bright LED's. The two-colour LED matrix offers an unmistakable indication as to which rpm stage has been reached. The first stage lights up the yellow ultra-bright centre LED. The second or final stage lights up the outer ring of six ultra-bright red LED's signalling the change point. The dual stage shift light of Gizzmo Electronics only requires a basic 3-wire installation that uses a simple two-button configuration for its operation.

The dual stage shift lights offers features such as 500 to 16,000 RPM range, simplistic operation, two buttons, full RISC Micro-processor design, super small dimensions a no wires to cut, no pills to buy, seven Matrix LED, no knobs to turn, 16 bit counting resolution, supplies every thing including loom and accessories.

The Tach Recall Shift light from Gizzmo Electronics allows any tacho to have a peak rpm saved to memory that can be recalled and displayed at any one time, the peak rpm reached during the current trip is available for recall. The shift stages are set with the help of two-button configuration to move the tachos rpm needle to the desired revs for each individual stage. with the ignition being switched on, the unit will display peak saved rpm, second stage shift light setting and then first stage shift light setting, by indicating the rpm position on the tacho, and flashing the corresponding LED's.

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