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Automation needs catered by Gippsland Sensors & Control

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Gippsland Sensors & Control  was started in 1991, which caters to the automation needs of various mining, paper, dairy and power industries by providing control, pressure, flow, level and sensing applications. Gippsland Sensors & Control markets its products under various brand names such as Allen Bradley, Brady, Burkert, Control Logic and SMC.

Gippsland Sensors & Control manufactures encoders and resolvers such as Allen- Bradley encoders, Leine and Linde encoders, Gemco Hi Accuracy resolvers. Different varieties of filled or non filled pressure and temperature gauges, Allan Bradley contactors, SMC, Timers, overloads, Fluid control valves, Legri pneumatic connectors, Solenoid valves, Guardmaster door safety switches, Thermocouples, Microdrives have also been designed by Gippsland Sensors & Control.

Other products from Gippsland Sensors & Control include sensors such as Banner Photoelectric Range, test and measurement devices like Raytek infra red temperature measurement, instruments for pressure such as low cost pressure switches and transmitters and a variety of wire markers and labels like Brady Pipe Labeler, Brady terminal or Barcode marker.

Gippsland Sensors & Control has recently launched two products known as Axelent Safety fencing and Belden Cables. Axelent Safety Fencing is suited for various applications. Fencing can be easily designed on a computer with the help of designing software according to individual needs. Belden cables find various applications including areas like networking, electricals and audio cabling.

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