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Penergetic W water treatment equipment from Gideup

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The Penergetic W, available from Gideup , is a natural water treatment equipment. The Penergetic W water treatment equipment is used for waste water treatment at the Kitchen Waste Compost Field, Shi Gang Hsiang, Taichung County.

Water treatment equipment Instruction: Traditionally, when kitchen waste was collected, it would first be separated into solid and liquid waste. Then only the solid waste was recycled. But the recycling in Shi Gang was processed differently.

Gideup collected all and recycled all. The treatment of the recycled waste water was a critical process. After the instruction given by biotechnology experts, Gideup recycled waste water through their waste water treatment.

Waster treatment equipment effects:

  • Only the original waste water basin was needed in the waste water equipment system, which decreased the treatment cost
  • The waste water would only be circulated within the compost field, no need for water emission, which would cause second pollution of the environment
  • No residual on the surface of the original waste basin, and no sludge accumulation at the bottom of the basin, and no dirt gathered at the side of the basin. The waste water was completely liquidised. There is no concern of cleaning and pumping
  • No peculiar smell, which significantly improved the environment quality
  • Less mosquitoes and flies, which improved the environment hygiene
  • As the waste water was now effectively treated the Government Treatment plants need less processing power to convert waste. This in turn means a higher grade of recycled water is returned to the consumer

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