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Aquakat for water revitalisation available from Gideup

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article image Aquakat used to revitalise water

Fuchs Laboratory recently undertook trials to test the effect of liquid solidity using the Aquakat, distributed by Gideup in Australia. Aquakat can used for water revitalisation.

Both the control machine and the Monforts RNC lathe are located at Aerotech Peissenberg, which manufactures complex and highly stressed components for aerospace engines and industrial gas turbines.

The lathes were filled up with Fuchs Ecocool 2506S. The trial lasted for six months and during that time both steel and aluminium products were machined.

Fuchs Laboratory's evaluation concluded the following:

  • Control pH 9.3 Aquakat ph 9.1
  • Control concentration-water soluble oil (DIN51368) 7.5 Aquakat 4.5
  • Control refractometer 2.6% Aquakat 3%
  • Control titration 8.4% Aquakat 6.5%
  • Control foreign oil 3% Aquakat 0.5%
  • Control conductivity 4.09mS/cm Aquakat 3.5mS/cm

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