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New training service for waste facility staff from GETEX

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GETEX’s qualified asbestos trainers are providing waste facility staff with the skills to identify asbestos in waste material effectively.

This focused training has assisted numerous private and public sector waste facilities across NSW control the all too common licensing and health and safety hazard of asbestos being inappropriately deposited and handled on waste receiving sites.

Training of waste facility staff to gain competency in the identification of asbestos containing materials:

Prevents asbestos being inappropriately received and handled on site;

Minimises the potential for customer disputes and confusion between staff members in assessing wastes;

Minimises site health and safety hazards and potential WorkCover incidents;

Increases operational efficiency, and

Assists in compliance with waste licensing regulations.

Due to overwhelming demand from the waste sector, GETEX has developed a simple yet effective asbestos identification training course specifically tailored for personnel within the waste storage, handling and processing industries.

The focus of the course covers the visual examination of waste materials to identify key material properties which indicate that a material potentially contains asbestos. The key indicators studied are far more reliable in determining potential asbestos content than other unfounded techniques commonly used by un-trained personnel. The use of such techniques by un-trained staff often results in incorrect diagnosis and confusion and conflict with customers and between site personnel.

The course consists of both theoretical and practical components with the practical involving the examination of real life material samples to apply the concepts studied in the theoretical session, when assessing for potential asbestos content.

Each course attendee receives a certificate of attendance and detailed course notes including example photos and diagrams.

To provide maximum ongoing benefit for each site trained, each site will also receive a complete physical sample library of materials that are often suspected to contain asbestos and typically encountered by waste facilities. Each sample in the sample library will be positively marked as either containing or not containing asbestos after having been subjected to laboratory analysis.

The sample library can be kept on site and as a useful reference aid in identifying potentially containing asbestos materials through comparison of the samples with actual materials encountered on site.

The course duration is 1.5 hours and can be conducted within a suitable location on site at each waste facility. If required, multiple sessions held back to back can be programmed to work in with site operations and staff work shifts. Training can also cover a range of related issues and be tailored to specific site requirements.

Please feel free to contact Anthony Camus of GETEX if you would like further information regarding the asbestos identification training course or if you would like a schedule of our training rates.

GETEX offers specialist occupational hygiene advice, 24 hours/7 days a week. GETEX has a laboratory accredited by NATA to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for asbestos fibre counting and air volume measurement and GETEX carries full professional indemnity insurance for asbestos work.

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