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Getex assists Government department in establishing asbestos standards

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Anthony Camus, a Director of Getex, has been working with a key NSW Government Department to help develop a better specification for Hazardous Materials Surveys to be performed for the Department.
The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 requires that there be an Asbestos Register for each workplace.

Getex is a specialist consulting and testing company in the occupational hygiene and environmental fields. 

Getex's consulting, management, monitoring and inspection services include: 
* Hazardous Materials Reports (Asbestos/Lead/PCBs), 
* Asbestos Air Monitoring and Asbestos Identification 
* Asbestos Removal Work Plans and Project Management for removing Asbestos and/or 
* Hazardous Materials from Residential/Commercial Applications. 
* Air monitoring & consulting covering- Lead, Silica, Dusts, Petroleum Products, Solvents and Gases. 
* Occupational Hygiene Services
* Airborne Contaminant monitoring
* Workplace Assessments
* Risk/Hazard Analysis
* Air & Water Quality
* Noise
* Training in Asbestos Awareness & Confined Spaces 
* Environmental Monitoring- Gases/Dust/Water 
* Occupational Health & Safety Services
* Safety Audits; Safe Operating Procedures 
* Site Contamination Assessments  
* Soil Contamination Testing 
* Disposal/ Validation Reports 
* Remedial Action Plans

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