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Simple choices for flyers, labelling, packaging and promotional attachments – Glue Dots
14.11.2016 - Get Packed is now supplying the ultimate and superior brand - the original Glue ​Dots.
Standup Pouches used to package liquids or solids
25.05.2016 - Polypropylene Stand Up Bags or Pouches with a gusset. Available in Clear, Black, Silver or Kraft finish sold in boxes of 1000.
Stand Up Pouches a favoured choice in food packaging
25.05.2016 - Stand Up Bags or Pouches seem to be higher in popularity recently and we wonder if it’s to do with the look and convenience
Taping Machines - Electric or Automatic - what's the difference and what will work for you?
28.01.2016 - Both dispense tape but why use one over another? Firstly, you have to look at what each of them do as they are quite different.
Strapping Machines, Zapak Strapping Tools or Manual Strapping Kits – Which one?
16.09.2015 - How do you determine which way to go when there are so many choices and price ranges for strapping items together?
New version of bubble wrap developed
22.07.2015 - Sealed Air Corp has created a new version of their signature product: Unpoppable Bubble Wrap, also known as Air IB Express.
Get Packed supporting business marketing with glue dots
18.07.2015 - Time to send some mail outs to current and potential customers with your business card or sample attached and get that phone ringing.
How Shrink A Pack can help with Product Bundling as a marketing tool
01.06.2015 - Shrink A Pack is a portable desktop shrink wrapping unit that is a low budget alternative for low volume product bundling.
What works best: hand wrapping or pallet wrappers?
02.03.2015 - Companies wrapping more than 40 pallets a week or over 2000 pallets a year need to seriously consider investing in a pallet wrapping machine.
How to promote your business with custom printed tape
02.03.2015 - Businesses are constantly seeking new and innovative ideas to promote their brand in the market.
New solutions for increased packing protection
12.02.2015 - Instapak Simple has been designed for those who currently go through several boxes of Instapak Quick bags per month.
Tamper Evidence Packaging – reassurance for your customers
05.02.2015 - People these days are requiring more and more reassurance from manufacturers that the product they are purchasing can’t be tampered with.
Get Packed releases handheld strapping machines
28.08.2014 - Get Packed introduces the Zapak ZP20, a new range of electric handheld strapping machines suitable for plastic strapping in widths from 10mm to 16mm.
Get Packed introduces GoodPack R-Wrapper pallet wrapping trolley
27.08.2014 - The GoodPack R-Wrapper pallet wrapping trolley was recently introduced by Get Packed to its range of pallet wrapping equipment and machinery.
Get Packed launches new sustainable EnviroBubble bubble wrap
11.08.2014 - Get Packed introduces EnviroBubble, a new range of bubble wrap packaging material manufactured in Australia using up to 40% recycled content.
Get Packed unveils new website
15.05.2014 - Get Packed has released a new website featuring a contemporary appearance, simple navigation and customer-friendly shopping cart.
Get Packed releases new sealers and heat shrink tunnels
14.05.2014 - Get Packed introduces two new models of L-bar sealers and heat shrink tunnels from SeleCTech.
Get Packed Launches Its New Website
14.05.2014 - ​Get Packed announces the launch of its new website.
Get Packed’s new steel strapping kits suit different strapping widths
01.05.2014 - Get Packed introduces steel strapping kits designed to suit a range of strapping widths.
Get Packed releases new packaging electric turntables
30.04.2014 - Get Packed introduces a new range of electric turntables for hand-wrapping pallets.
Robbie robot mobile pallet wrapper stretch wraps without an operator
10.04.2014 - Robbie robot pallet wrappers from Get Packed are a new range of battery powered semi-automatic pallet stretch wrappers.
GoodPack mobile pallet stretch wrappers saving space and reducing OH&S issues
09.04.2014 - Get Packed introduces the new GoodPack mobile pallet wrapping machines designed for applications where space may be limited.
Polyolefin shrink film Vs. PVC shrink film: Which is better?
18.11.2013 - PVC shrink film and polyolefin shrink film supplied by Get Packed can both be shrunk using a shrink tunnel or a heat gun.
Choice launches Pack Attack to encourage manufacturers to make consumer friendly packaging
15.11.2013 - Consumer group Choice has launched Pack Attack in response to a Readers’ Digest survey on injuries caused by bad packaging.
New Air I.B. Express packaging system from Get Packed creates bubble wrap
28.03.2013 - Get Packed presents the new Air I.B. Express system, an innovative inflatable cushioning system that allows bubble wrap to be created in-house.
Security tapes from Get Packed
27.03.2013 - Security tapes from Get Packed are designed to tamper-proof packed and sealed cartons.
Corrugated cardboard rolls from Get Packed
26.03.2013 - Get Packed presents corrugated cardboard rolls for use as packaging material.
Jiffy Kraft paper envelopes from Get Packed
25.03.2013 - Brown Jiffy Kraft paper envelopes available from Get Packed feature a robust design to sustain rough handling during the shipping cycle.
Venhart rubber bands from Get Packed
22.03.2013 - Venhart rubber bands available from Get Packed are available in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit various applications.
PVC shrink sleeves from Get Packed
31.01.2013 - PVC shrink sleeves from Get Packed are typically used to band together two odd shaped items or for tamper evident seals and containment applications.
Gel ice packs from Get Packed
30.01.2013 - Gel ice packs, available from Get Packed are specifically designed for the cold transport, storage and shipping of temperature-sensitive products.
Velcro or hook and loop fasteners from Get Packed
29.01.2013 - Hook and loop fasteners, available from Get Packed are commonly known as Velcro fasteners.
Cardboard mailing tubes from Get Packed
25.01.2013 - Cardboard mailing tubes available from Get Packed are designed as an environment-friendly alternative to plastic bags and mailers.
EnviroProtecta bags from Get Packed
21.11.2012 - The EnviroProtecta and EnviroProtecta-Lite bags available from Get Packed are eco-friendly padded mailers designed as an alternative to traditional padded mailers.
Impulse sealers from Get Packed
20.11.2012 - Impulse sealers available from Get Packed are a highly popular and economical form of heat sealers that employ a simple scissor action to press down on the sealing arm to heat-seal bags or film.
Zapak ZP96A battery powered strapping tools from Get Packed
19.11.2012 - Get Packed presents a new range of handheld strapping tools from Zapak that supersedes the ZP22 and ZP26 models.
Fill-Air inflatable packaging systems and Rapid Fill void fill solution from Get Packed
16.11.2012 - Fill-Air is a range of inflatable packaging systems available from Get Packed and designed to quickly convert compact rolls of specially formulated tubular material into continuous, perforated chains of air-filled cushions.
CD and DVD adhesive clips and spiders from Get Packed
26.10.2012 - Get Packed offers a professional range of adhesive clips that can be used to attach CDs and DVDs into presentation packs or promotional material.
Hand pallet wraps/ stretch wraps from Get Packed
25.10.2012 - Get Packed presents hand pallet wraps to meet the limited requirements of businesses with low pallet numbers.
Excell 320 pallet wrappers from Get Packed
24.10.2012 - Get Packed has recently launched the Australian designed semi-automatic Excell 320 pallet wrappers to replace the Excell 220 series.
Excell 310 pallet wrappers from Get Packed
23.10.2012 - Get Packed introduces the Australian designed Excell 310 to its range of pallet wrappers.
Sfera robotic pallet wrappers from Get Packed
23.08.2012 - New to the Get Packed product range, the Sfera robotic pallet wrappers are a range of self-propelled pallet wrappers powered by rechargeable batteries.
HSM ProfiPack cardboard perforating machine from Get Packed
22.08.2012 - Get Packed introduces the HSM ProfiPack series of cardboard perforating machines.
Palevator pallet lift elevators from Get Packed
21.08.2012 - Available from Get Packed, the Palevator is a range of Australian-made pallet lift elevators that do not require power for operation.
Reka MS200 glue guns from Get Packed
20.08.2012 - Get Packed presents the Reka MS200, its newest range of glue guns designed for quick and user-friendly operation.
Get Packed introduces VersaShot extrusion handgun and hose assembly
17.08.2012 - Get Packed has added the VersaShot extrusion handgun and hose assembly to its range of glue guns.
Strapping Kits new from Get Packed
17.05.2012 - Plastic strapping kits now available from Get Packed.
Top, dust and grip sheets from Get Packed
09.05.2012 - Get Packed offer range of products that help to protect and stabilise your pallets, including top, dust and grip sheets
Pallet Bags from Get Packed
08.05.2012 - Get Packed offer a wide range of pallet stabilisation and protection products, such as pallet bags
Cryovac Shrink Film Range: CT-501 by Get Packed
28.02.2012 - Get Packed have recently released the CT-501 Shrink film, this packaging solution is ideal for shrinking film over irregular shaped products as the soft film is designed for contouring the shrink film
Second hand packaging machinery and equipment from Get Packed
16.02.2012 - Get Packed offers a comprehensive range of fully serviced second hand packaging equipment and machinery.
Get Packed stocks a range of hand held and machine strapping
13.02.2012 - A wide variety of strapping is available from Get Packed for use with hand tensioners and crimpers, as well as for use with the company's range of strapping machines.
Strapping tools, seals and buckles supplied by Get Packed
02.02.2012 - Get Packed offers a range of tensioners, crimpers and sealers suitable for use with steel and plastic strapping.
ErgoPack pallet strapping machines from Get Packed
02.11.2011 - Get Packed introduces the ErgoPack pallet strapping machines to their range of pallet strappers.
Get Packed offers tying machines for bundling items
01.11.2011 - Get Packed offers a range of mechanical tying machines designed to tie or bundle items together using twine.
Excell 210 pallet wrappers from Get Packed
13.10.2011 - Get Packed presents the Excell 210 pallet wrappers featuring a wrap height of 2000mm and a turntable capacity of 2000kg.
PP-983 pallet wrappers from Get Packed
12.10.2011 - Get Packed presents the PP-983 range of semi-automatic low profile pallet wrappers featuring automatic pre stretch, digital controls and photo eye.
Get Packed introduces Protecta-Loc cushioning bags for packaging
22.08.2011 - Get Packed introduces a new range of cushioning products designed for packaging applications to protect the product against risk of potential damage in transit.
Glue Guns from Get Packed
19.08.2011 - Get Packed presents their range of Glue Guns with six different types on offer for a variety of applications.
Semi Automatic Strapping Machines from Get Packed
17.08.2011 - Get Packed presents their range of Semi Automatic Strapping Machines for holding together packages that are ready for transport or storage.
Electronic tape dispensers available from Get Packed
24.06.2011 - Get Packed now supplies electronic tape dispensers that automatically dispense definite lengths of tape which are pre-programmed by the user.
Get Packed announces automatic taping machines
21.06.2011 - Automatic taping machines are now supplied by Get Packed, offering a reliable solution for automatically applying double sided or removable tape to a range of point of sale and presentation products.
Black pallet wrap / stretch wrap from Get Packed
09.06.2011 - Get Packed now stocks black pallet wrap which can be supplied in hand pallet and machine pallet wrap varieties, and is commonly used to secure and protect pallets and conceal their contents.
Get Packed offers Zapak cordless battery powered strapping tools
19.05.2011 - Zapak 22 and 26 strapping tools, now available from Get Packed, offer significant advantages over larger strapping machines as they are mobile, and require no metal seals or buckles to operate.
Automatic Strapping Machines from Get Packed
13.05.2011 - Get Packed now supplies automatic strapping machines, simple and user-friendly packaging units that offer high reliability and performance in industrial environments.
Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Tunnel - Shrink Wrappers from Get Packed
31.03.2011 - Get Packed offers a comprehensive range of industrial packaging equipment including semi-automatic L-bar sealers with shrink tunnel for shrink wrapping applications.
Padded Envelopes from Get Packed
29.03.2011 - Get Packed supplies a specialised range of protective packaging products including padded envelopes in three types.
Protecta Wrap environmentally friendly bubblewrap from Get Packed
28.03.2011 - Get Packed now supplies Protecta Wrap bubblewrap, an environmentally friendly solution for wrapping furniture and white goods for storage and transport.
Get Packed supplies shrink sleeves for consumer packaging applications
11.03.2011 - Offering a versatile alternative to other forms of consumer packaging, shrink sleeves can be manufactured by Get Packed in any length or diameter, with custom printing options also available.
PP981 pallet wrappers available from Get Packed
15.02.2011 - The PP981 pallet wrapper from Get Packed is an economy semi-automatic stretch wrapper which features a mechanical brake stretch designed to produce film yields of up to 125%.
Foot Operated Impulse Sealers from Get Packed
10.02.2011 - Packaging equipment supplied by Get Packed includes a range of foot operated impulse sealers designed to offer a stronger seal at quick speeds.
Pallet wrap for pallet wrappers or manual pallet wrapping from Get Packed
24.11.2010 - Get Packed have pallet wrap available from Get Packed for pallet wrappers as well as for manual pallet wrapping.
Shrink-A-Pack: new manual shrink wrapping from Get Packed
17.11.2010 - Available now from Get Packed, Shrink-A-Pack is a budget manual shrink wrapping system that is suitable for low volume shrink wrapping.
GP1808-72 model heat shrink tunnels now available from Get Packed
08.11.2010 - Featuring dual IHP blower motors, Get Packed GP1808-72 heat shrink tunnels deliver high speed performance with dual air velocity control for accurate and consistent heating.
Brown Kraft Paper is light weight packaging paper suited for shipping and posting
21.09.2010 - Get Packed's Brown Kraft Paper is a light weight and economical packaging paper that is suited for interleaving between parts to stop goods from being scratched and damaged.
Get Packed's gaffer tapes suitable for manufacturing packaging needs
20.09.2010 - Get Packed's gaffer tapes are made out of a heavy duty cloth material, made for strength and durability. Gaffer tapes can be used for a variety of sealing and packaging purposes.
Get Packed's standard and customised printed tapes for easy labelling
16.09.2010 - Get Packed's printed tapes come in standard and customised varieties featuring preferred messages and company logos. The tapes are suitable for industrial needs where labelling and organisation is imp
Get Packed's ProDri desiccants controls humidity within packaged goods
15.09.2010 - Get Packed's ProDri desiccants provide a solution for controlling the humidity inside sealed areas such as shipping containers by continuously absorbing the moisture from the enclosed air.
EnviroBubble Bubblewrap from Get Packed
13.09.2010 - Get Packed is a supplier of a line of environment-friendly bubblewrap products called EnviroBubble.
Cloth tapes from Get Packed
10.09.2010 - Get Packed now have general purpose cloth tape available in black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, brown and silver, and a range of sizes.
Anti fatigue rubber mats for dry areas, from Get Packed
08.09.2010 - Anti fatigue rubber mats from Get Packed are manufactured from a recycled natural rubber compound and designed with air pockets for optimum comfort and maximum durability.
Instapak Quick Bags used to produce a customised head and neck support in radiotherapy
19.08.2010 - Instapak Quick Bags are a room temperature foam in bag, available from Get Packed, that when activated will form a solid customised foam cushion support to minimise movement.
The PP76 all in one shrink wrapper, from Get Packed
18.08.2010 - The PP76 all in one shrink wrapper, from Get Packed, will create a glossy professional looking package in a simple one person operation.
Side seal strapping machines from Get Packed
17.08.2010 - Get Packed now have available side seal strapping machines that enable long items and items with debris or falling matter to be placed across the adjustable work table for strapping.
Q300XT Lantech Pallet Wrapper from Get Packed
03.08.2010 - The Q300XT Lantech pallet wrapper is an advanced model of pallet wrapping machinery supplied by Get Packed.
Q300 Lantech Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper from Get Packed
02.08.2010 - The Q300 Lantech pallet wrapper is the latest in pallet wrapping machinery supplied by Get Packed.
The Zapak hand held strapping tool, available from Get Packed
21.07.2010 - Now available from Get Packed, the Zapak hand held strapping tool provides a reliable seal on strapping without the need for metal seals or buckles.
Opus Bio – Biodegradable air cushion packaging from Get Packed
01.07.2010 - Opus Bio from Get Packed, is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional air cushion packaging.
Get Packed introduces Excell Air Ventilated Strech wrap
01.06.2010 - Get Packed has introduced Excell Air Ventilated Strech wrap, the latest of its pallet wraps.
Semi-automatic strapping machines from Get Packed
03.05.2010 - Semi-automatic strapping machines are used to securely strap items together ready for storage or transport.
Bubble wrap bags from Get Packed
30.04.2010 - Bubble bags are used to protect products whilst in storage or transport. They are suitable for large or small items such as furniture, sporting equipment, and electrical goods.
Vacuum Pouches from Get Packed
30.03.2010 - Vacuum Pouches, otherwise known as Vacuum Bags, are commonly used to package perishable food products and to protect against moisture, micro organisms, keep items sterile and provide a leak proof barr
New ultra thin, extremely strong Shrink film CT-301 from Get Packed
19.03.2010 - Get Packed announces the new CT-301 shrink film from Cryovac as their newest product that has the ability to down gauge film whilst maintaining high performance characteristics.
Polypropylene resealable plastic bags from Get Packed
11.02.2010 - Now available from Get Packed, polypropylene resealable bags are a high clarity plastic bag with the added benefit of an adhesive strip.
Pallet wrap from Get Wrapped is available in a range of types suitable for many applications
10.02.2010 - Now available from Get Packed, high tear and puncture resistant pallet wrap is a film, available in clear or black, that is suitable for wrapping around pallets.
ProtectaWrap – Environmentally friendly furniture wrap
19.08.2009 - ProtectaWrap is a fully recyclable environmentally friendly furniture bubble wrap offering superior cushioning and surface protection.
EnviroBottle bag
18.08.2009 - Get Packed has recently introduced the EnviroBottle Bag to its range of packaging products.
Cello or Cellophane bags from Get Packed
21.07.2009 - Cellophane bags or Cello bags are most commonly used for items such as lollies, biscuits or gift cards and are available from Get Packed in a range of sizes with or without gussets, including custom m
The Fill-Air Rapid Fill System available from Get Packed
16.07.2009 - The Fill-Air Rapid Fill system available from Get Packed is a quick and efficient way of creating a lightweight protection for packages and efficient void fill, whilst reducing material and shipping c
Hot Melt Glue Sticks and tips on best use
17.06.2009 - Get Packed now supplies a full range of hot melt glue sticks for use with their range of glue guns.
Glue Guns from Get Packed
16.06.2009 - Get Packed has recently introduced a large range of glue guns to their list of products and the glue sticks to match.
Hot Melt Glue dispensers available from Get Packed
04.06.2009 - Get Packed now supply a glue dot or hot melt glue dispensing machine that is suitable for high volume/output glue dot application. The Hot Melt Glue dispenser is designed to dispense a peelable or rem
Hand wrapper for packaging food available from Get Packed
17.04.2009 - Get Packed now supply new hand wrapper or table top food film dispenser which is used for the purpose of packaging food like meat, cheese and produce in order to preserve their freshness and also to enhance their appearance.
Bubble wrap protective packaging available from Get Packed
02.04.2009 - Bubble wrap, available from Get Packed, protects products. The bubble wrap is available in 10mm, 22mm and 32mm bubbles. Bubble wrap can be manufactured into various widths and lengths, as well as bags. Bubble wrap is a form of protective packaging. B
CD dots for adhesive applications available from Get Packed
25.03.2009 - CD dots, available from Get Packed, are self adhesive foam dots or studs that are used to attach CDs to promotional cases or items. The self adhesive CD dot is placed on the item (magazine or promotio
Continuous Bubblewrap Tube from Get Packed
24.03.2009 - Get Packed now supply a new Australian made continuous bubblewrap tube called EnviroTube. EnviroTube is an environmentally friendly, Oxo-biodegradable continuous bubblewrap tube that comes in a standa
Polyester strapping by Get Packed
24.02.2009 - Polyester strapping is used both with hand strapping tools as well as Battery Operated Hand Strapping Tools such as the Zapak (which tensions, seals and cuts), which is also supplied by Get Packed.
Steel strapping available from Get Packed
23.02.2009 - Steel strapping is used by those who require additional strength with their strapping or where there are extreme high tension requirements. It is available in a range of widths – 12mm, 15mm, 19mm and
Plastic hand strapping available from Get Packed
20.02.2009 - Plastic hand strapping, available from Get Packed, is used to seal boxes or articles together, or as an added security measure to prevent tampering. It is available in a range of widths: 12mm, 15mm an
Machine pallet wrap from Get Packed
26.11.2008 - Get Packed supply three different styles of machine pallet wrap to suit different applications. Cast and blown films are available in a range of thicknesses from 15um through to 35um with a range of lengths.
Hand pallet stretch wrap and wrap dispensers from Get Packed
25.11.2008 - The hand pallet wrap available from Get Packed is also known as stretch wrap, which is used to wrap around pallet loads to protect them while in storage and transport. The hand rolls of pallet stretch wrap is the better alternative when only having a
Carton sealers and tapes from Get Packed
22.10.2008 - Get Packed’s range of carton sealing machines includes simple mechanical operations as well as semi automatic carton sealers and automatic carton sealers that can be used in production lines. Get Packed also supply a full range of tapes for use in ea
Shrink tunnels available from Get Packed
21.08.2008 - Get Packed supply a range of shrink tunnels to suit several types of budgets, speeds and capacities. Get Packed’s range starts at a simple economical model with a 6 inch high tunnel suitable for the smaller packaging requirements working through to l
Shanklin auto shrink wrap machine available from Get Packed
19.08.2008 - Shanklin auto shrink wrap machine, available from Get Packed, is a continuous side sealing shrink wrapper with speeds of up to 65 packages per minute.
Impulse heat sealers available from Get Packed
18.08.2008 - The Impulse heat sealer, available from Get Packed, employs a simple scissor action to press down on the sealing arm to heat seal bags or film.
GP automatic shrink wrap machine available from Get Packed
15.08.2008 - Get Packed are distributors of GP automatic shrink wrap machine. Product can be fed inline onto the infeed conveyor of the GP automatic shrink wrap machine.
GP6000 automatic shrink wrapper series available from Get Packed
14.08.2008 - The GP6000 automatic shrink wrapper series is available from Get Packed, with outputs ranging from 600 – 3000 packs per hour.
Get Packed’s tips for operating a strapping machine
13.08.2008 - Get Packed provide tips for operating a strapping machine, which is necessary for those who have to secure pallets or loads.
Tamper evident products available from Get Packed
12.08.2008 - Get Packed offer a wide range of tamper evident products, which are useful for preventing contamination in pharmaceutical products, mailing an item sold on ebay, mailing confidential papers requiring uncompromised privacy or for security taping boxed
Packaging products available from Get Packed
11.08.2008 - Shipping, transporting and storing a product in bulk can be made considerably easier if the products are packaged together securely. There are a number of packaging products available from Get Packed made specifically for this purpose.
Heavy duty automatic Impulse heat Sealer from Get Packed
06.08.2008 - A heavy duty automatic Impulse heat Sealer for polythene and polypropylene and bags to create a stronger, wider seal on thicker bags is available from Get Packed. These bench-mounted automatic heat sealers can seal up to 2 x 300um thick films.
Band sealer and Rotary Band heat sealer available from Get Packed
01.08.2008 - A Band sealer or Rotary Band heat sealer, available from Get Packed, is an in line compact machine that seals the tops of bagged products that travel along a conveyor. The Band sealers or Rotary Band heat sealers are available in either Horizontal or
Cost Effective Protective Packaging from Get Packed
31.03.2008 - Get Packed provides cost effective packaging for all businesses, as everyone wants the good packaging product at the affordable price.
Envirobubble Bubble Wrap – degradable protective packaging from Get Packed
07.03.2008 - Get Packed has introduced EnviroBubble to its range of Bubble Wrap and protective packaging products.
Range of protective packaging products available from Get Packed
06.03.2008 - Get Packed supplies a wide range of protective packaging products specifically designed to protect items in transport and in storage.
Extended Liner Double Sided Tapes available from Get Packed
19.02.2008 - Extended Liner tapes in a variety of materials to suit many applications
Double sided tissue tapes from Get Packed
18.02.2008 - Get Packed offer double sided tissue tapes for various applications.
Double sided tapes in a variety of materials from Get Packed
18.02.2008 - Get Packed offer double sided tapes in a variety of materials such as Polyester, PVC and cloth for a number of applications.
Double sided tapes - very high bond tapes
18.02.2008 - A variety of very high bond double sided tapes are available from Get Packed.
Get Packed provides wide range of protective packaging products
13.11.2007 - Get Packed supplies products that range from Instapak an easy to use product that will provide a custom fit foam protective package around the item.
Instapak protective packaging available from Get Packed
07.11.2007 - Instapak is foam in bag form of protective packaging that either comes in individual bags, that before use are small enough to fit into your pocket, or larger Instapak systems that are machines that can deliver up to 21 foam filled bags per minute.
Cryovac RD-106 Shrink Film from Get Packed
24.08.2007 - Cryovac RD-106 Shrink Film features unique anti-fog properties combined with good tensile strength to survive the rough and tumble of handling and distribution.
Get Packed introduces new shrink wrapping machine
23.08.2007 - The all-In-one PP76 Shrink Wrapper incorporates the sealing of shrink film with an L-Bar sealer and the shrinking of the film with a heat shrink chamber into one complete and simple unit.
Cryovac LD-935 Shrink Film from Get Packed
23.08.2007 - Cryovac LD-935 Shrink Film is a thin shrink film that offers the performance of heavy gauge films while still providing good film strength and durability.
Cryovac MD shrink film from Get Packed
22.08.2007 - MPD-2055 Cryovac MD shrink film is a heat shrink film for good showcase packaging for all retail applications.
New combo shrink wrapping machine from Get Packed
22.08.2007 - Get Packed's popular Semi Automatic L-Bar sealer and heat shrink tunnel is the PP1622 combo shrink wrapping machine.
Xenith shrink film from Get Packed
21.08.2007 - Cryovac Xenith shrink film combines low temperature shrink without compromising strength.
Cryovac BDF-2001 shrink film from Get Packed
18.08.2007 - Cryovac BDF-2001 shrink film serves as an effective two-way barrier in preventing the transfer of flavours and aromas including perfume soaps and air fresheners stay inside the packaging.
Impact shrink film from Get Packed
17.08.2007 - Cryovac and Get Packed’s popular heat shrink film is Impact shrink film formerly known as D955.
GPAS26 Automatic Strapping Machine from Get Packed
01.08.2007 - GPAS26 is an Automatic Strapping Machine allows for hands free strapping operation which improves production speeds and accuracy rates.
Semi automatic pallet strapping machine from Get Packed
01.08.2007 - The Semi Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine is the simple alternative for strapping pallets without the need for hand tools.
Low profile Semi Automatic Strapping Machine available from Get Packed
30.07.2007 - This low profile semi automatic strapping machine allows for adjustments in the table height from 450mm to 550mm to suit the operator or the job requirements.
Jiffy protective mailers available from Get Packed
03.07.2007 - Get Packed has a full range of protective mail bags and envelopes to suit every application.
ShurTuff durable mailers and courier bags available from Get Packed
02.07.2007 - The perfect mailing envelope / courier bag solution to ensure your contents arrive in perfect condition. These mail bags are highly resistant to tearing and punctures and are water-resistant.
Wide range of Zapak strapping tools available from Get Packed
25.06.2007 - Zapak ZP22 and ZP26 cordless battery powered automatic tensioning and sealing strapping tool is the powerful and reliable plastic strapping tool.
Get Packed launches new GPSAS28 side seal semi automatic strapping machine
22.06.2007 - Get Packed has launched the new GPSAS28, a side seal semi automatic strapping machine, which allows items to be strapped from the side.
Get Packed offers a wide range of strapping machines
20.06.2007 - Get Packed has a wide range of strapping machines for all your strapping requirements.
Wide range of Instapak Quick RT packaging solutions available from Get Packed
18.06.2007 - Instapak Quick offers customers all the cost-saving benefits of foam-in-bag protective packaging in a convenient compact system. Instapak Quick is a perfect fragile packaging solution.
Instapak Quick packaging
05.06.2006 - INSTAPAK Quick offers customers all the cost-saving benefits of foam-in-bag packaging in a convenient compact system. Instapak Quick is one of the many packaging products distributed by Get Packed, a leading supplier of packaging machinery solutions.
Cost effective packaging
22.05.2006 - ONE of the most economical packaging materials available, Instapak foam can cut material costs dramatically - without compromising product protection. Instapak is one of a range of packaging products distributed by Get Packed, a leading supplier of p
Instapacker - Tabletop Foam-in-Bag Packaging System
17.05.2006 - THE Instapacker - Tabletop Foam-in-Bag Packaging System has all the proven benefits and cost savings of foam-in-bag packaging with an affordable, user-friendly Instapak system. It is one of the variety of packaging solutions distributed by Get Packed
All in one L-bar sealers and shrink chambers
24.01.2006 - Get Packed has released a range of all-in-one L-bar sealers and shrink chambers that will seal and shrink PVC or Cryovac polyolefin shrink films.
Multi-purpose shrink films
12.12.2005 - Get Packed has released the Cryovac range of multi-layered shrink films, each designed to deliver specific packaging benefits.
PVC shrink films
12.12.2005 - Get Packed produces a range of PVC shrink films offering very good clarity, short seal time, soft shrink properties and very good strength. The PVC shrink sleeves are available in centrefold or single-wound formats.
All-purpose shrink films
12.12.2005 - Get Packed distribute the Opti Shrink Films range, including the Opti 200, an all-purpose, economy brand shrink film designed to help reduce packaging costs. It provides excellent gloss and sparkle as well as clarity.
General packaging materials
12.12.2005 - Get Packed produces a range of general packaging materials, including stock sizes of corrugate cardboard cartons, custom-made cartons and single-face rolls of corrugated cardboard.
Packaging tapes for a range of applications
12.12.2005 - Get Packed produces a wide range of packaging tapes, including clear, brown and white general-purpose tape from 6mm to 75mm in hand and machine rolls. Hotmelt, acrylic and natural rubber adhesives are available for a range of applications.
Packaging materials keep food fresh
12.12.2005 - Get Packed distributes the Cryovac range of packaging materials. Crispy Wrap provides an attractive, clear film overwrap that allows supermarket in-store bakery departments to keep their baked goods fresh
Pallet wrapping machines
09.12.2005 - Get Packed has released a range of pallet wrapping machines, including the PP-981 economy semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine with mechanical brake stretch design.
Specialised wrapping machines
08.12.2005 - Get Packed has released a range of specialised wrapping machines. The company’s overwrapping machines envelope seal cases and boxes and are suitable for DVDs, CDs, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products or chocolate boxes which require a high-quality dis
Low-cost, reliable pallet wrapper
08.12.2005 - Get Packed has released the Economiser low-cost, reliable wrapping machine. It can wrap pallets stacked 2.2m high at a rate of up to 25 pallets an hour.
L-bar sealer and tunnel combo unit
08.12.2005 - Get Packed has released the PP1622 semi-automatic L-bar sealer and tunnel with a rugged, heavy-duty frame. The L-Bar comes with a micro knife or blade system for sealing as well as dual magnetic hold
Automatic form-fill-seal wrapper
08.12.2005 - Get Packed has released the Shanklin Triumph automatic form-fill-seal wrapper, a midrange solution for applications that require more advanced features than an L-sealer, but do not need to be quite as complex as a high-speed automatic wrapper.
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