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Get Packed has released a range of specialised wrapping machines. The company’s overwrapping machines envelope seal cases and boxes and are suitable for DVDs, CDs, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products or chocolate boxes which require a high-quality display pack. The machines can be equipped with an infeed conveyor or a feeding hopper to increase productivity for speeds of between 20-60 packs a minute. They can also be fitted with tear tape systems, a photo-cell to run printed film and a hot press system that tightens the pack to give a shrink wrap finish.

The company also produces a range of horizontal flow wrappers with either top or bottom film supply with speeds of up to 60 packs a minute. The sealing jaw is constantly heated and can seal a wide range of film types including polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane or foil.

The MB 50 auger filler is a versatile powder filling machine for dosing free-flowing as well as non-free-flowing powders like talcum powder, spices and ground coffee. The auger displaces the product through a funnel into a pouch or container. The filling cycle is controlled by an electromagnetic brake unit and photoelectric sensor. The machine hopper holds 35L of material with operating speeds of 15 to 25 packs a minute and a filling accuracy of ±2%.

The MB 100 sachet packer is an automatic vertical form, fill and seal machine for producing most types of power and granular sachets with the option of a liquid filling attachment. All parts that come into contact with product are manufactured in stainless steel. It is compatible with sacks size is from 30mm - 100mm in width and 50mm - 140mm in length with an output of up to 95 packs a minute.

The MB 250 is a fully-automatic PLC-based vertical form fill and seal machine for producing centre-sealed sachets handling all types of free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders and granules. It can be fitted with a volumetric cup, an auger filler, a weigh filler, a count filler or an index conveyor belt. It can handle packs from 50mm to 200mm in width and 70mm to 400mm in length with an output of up to 50 packs a minute.

The company also produces tray sealing machines that heat seal plastic film onto a rigid plastic tray. The machines pneumatically seal and cut with speeds of between six to eight packs a minute on the 19LN tabletop version to 10 to 20 packs a minute for the 3225 auto tray sealing machine. Both are constructed of stainless steel.

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