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Shrink tunnels available from Get Packed

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Get Packed  supply a range of shrink tunnels to suit a number of budgets, speeds and capacities.

Get Packed’s range starts at an economical model with a 6 inch high tunnel suitable for smaller packaging requirements and working through to larger shrink tunnels up to a height of 28 inches with higher speeds, with the ability to work behind automatic L-Bar sealers or multiple L-bar sealer production lines.

The GP2208-48 tunnel offers tunnel dimensions of 22inches(W) x 8 inches(H) x 28 inches(L) - and an optional height of 28 inches is also available. All of the shrink tunnels feature fully re-circulating air chambers, AC variable speed drives and 4 directional air flow which results in an even air flow around the tunnel.

There is a range of conveyor options available from the standard one inch spacing to a high density roller with half inch spacing.

They also come in stainless steel metal mesh belts, heavy duty falcon belting or Teflon mesh belt overlay. There is also a range of optional discharge conveyors to choose from, such as a lazy susan turntable, a straight conveyor or a flexible skate wheel option.

Shrink Tunnel curtains are made of reinforced silicone rubber which minimises heat loss and assists in maintaining an accurate tunnel temperature.

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