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Range of protective packaging products available from Get Packed

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Depending on the value of your item and how it is being transported or stored are among the considerations that should be given when deciding on the best form of protective packaging for your item.

Get Packed  supplies a wide range of protective packaging products specifically designed to protect items in transport and in storage.

Get Packed supplies products that range from Instapak that will provide a custom fit foam protective package around the item, bubble wrap or envirobubble which is a degradable bubble wrap that wraps a sheet of air filled bubbles around the item to be protected, fill air and void fill, mailing tubes, cardboard protective packaging, cushioned mailers, which are assorted sized envelopes that are padded to protect their contents during the mailing process desiccants that will even provide protection from humidity, through to labels that will advise others of things like fragile, or heavy loads – whatever you wish, it can even be custom printed.

Even stretch wrap that is coloured black so that onlookers cannot see the contents of pallets during transport, delivery or storage.

Few items that are supplied by Get Packed:

Instapak is a foam in bag form of protective packaging that either comes in individual bags – called Instapak Quick RT, that – before use – are small enough to fit into your pocket, or larger Instapak Systems such as the Instapak 900 or Instapacker Tabletop that are machines that can deliver up to 21 foam filled bags per minute.

EnviroBubble – bubble wrap has recently been introduced to Get Packed’s range of Bubble Wrap products. The degradable bubble wrap is ideal for applications where the protection of bubble wrap is needed for a short period of time (up to one year) with the added benefit of protecting the planet as it reduces landfill and green house gas effects.

Get Packed supplies in three main bubble profiles which are 10mm, 20mm and 32mmt o ensure the ideal protection for you product and is also available in roll, perforated sheets, bubble bags, or even Enviroprotecta padded mailer bags.

Jiffy Lite and Cushioned mailers are light weight padded envelopes used for mailing items in a protective bubble wrap envelope with a Peel ‘n’ Seal strip for easy sealing. Both Jiffy Lites and Cushioned mailers have a paper outer and bubble inner lining.

For ease of understanding names of items they are understood as the following:

  • Jiffy lite mailers - Paper outer, bubble inner
  • Cushioned mailers - Paper outer with bubble inner
  • Maxi -pack - white plastic outer with bubble wrap inner
  • Shurtuff bags – plain white courier satchels.
  • Jiffy padded bags - Brown paper outer, padded paper inner
  • Utility mailers - White paper outer, brown paper inner
  • Gusset bags - White paper outer with a side gusset
  • Jiffy rigi mailer - Extra rigid mailers

Fill Air/Void Fill - The Fill Air Inflatable packaging system provides a good protection and efficient void fill. The Fill Air system quickly converts compact rolls of specially formulated tubular material into a continuous, perforated chain of air-filled cushions. It looks much like a chain of small plastic bags filled with air.

Dunnage Bags or Load Containment Bags are used inside containers, rail cars or trucks to fill void spaces between stock, therefore creating a solid brace, stabilising the load and preventing any future movement, thus greatly reducing the risk of damage during transit. Dunnage Bags are simply inserted into their spaces and then gently inflated to fill the space.

Mailing Tubes - Standard durable spiral wand construction mailing tubes helps to protect sketches, blueprints, graphs and posters etc. Plastic end caps are friction fit to stay in during mailing. The mailing tubes can be re-used and come in brown or white.

Cardboard Cartons and Corrugated Cardboard – come in a wide range of standard sizes, but Get Packed can also arrange custom sized boxes to ideally fit your product. And to brand your product Get Packed can also arrange for your boxes to be custom printed with your logo or other pertinent information. Corrugated cardboard is another form of protective packaging and comes in assorted roll lengths and widths.

Desiccants - ProDri desiccants control the humidity inside sealed areas such as shipping containers through continuously absorbing moisture from the enclosed air. This product is designed to hold moisture without releasing it back into the containers climate.

ProDri is manufactured from Calcium Chloride (CaC12) and clay materials and comes in 1kg and 2kg bags and has been independently tested and shown to take up to 78% of its own weight in water – without chloride migration.

Poly Foam Rolls and Void Fill - Polyethylene foam wrap is designed to protect finished surfaces from scratches and damage. Void Fill offers a cost effective polystyrene chip protection and Void Fill for your fragile products during transport.

Labels - Fragile or top load only labels helps to protect and inform people about your goods during transport or Get Packed to supply or design personalised labels and tags to suit any application.

Get Packed supplies thermal overprint labels for address and or despatch labels, food, chemical and barcode for retail items, what ever your requirements Get Packed can recommend a product to suit you.

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