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Get Packed has released a range of pallet wrapping machines, including the PP-981 economy semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine with mechanical brake stretch design. This machine produces film yields of up to 125% and has a simple front control panel with top and bottom wrap counters. It has manual and automatic modes. The turntable is driven by a chain drive and supported by a heavy-duty delrin double-ring roller assembly allowing a maximum load of 1200kg.

The Ecospir is a simple and inexpensive model offering easy operation and reliability. It is capable of mechanical film tensioning, allowing significant film saving. It is operated by a joystick on an electronic control panel and is available with a ramp that allows the loading of pallets with a pallet jack. The maximum pallet weight is 1000kg.

The GPSM - 1517 is a heavy-duty stretch wrapping machine with a 2t load capacity. It comes with soft start, a variable-speed turntable, an automatic height-sensing photocell, programmable film wrapping cycles and electronic film tension control.

The Maximiser semi-automatic wrapping machine has a low profile, a 1.5m diameter turntable with a 3t capacity and can wrap up to 25 pallets an hour. It has push button controls and a 2.4m wrapping height. Options include a friction brake or controlled stretch or power-controlled stretch heads. User-friendly controls allow the operator to readily understand the functions of the machine.

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