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Palevator pallet lift elevators from Get Packed

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Available from Get Packed , the Palevator is a range of Australian-made pallet lift elevators that do not require power for operation.

Designed to lift pallets off the ground, the Palevator rotating pallet lifts keep the work area at the required height and rotate the pallet easily on a turntable, enabling stacking and packing of products onto pallets, while effectively eliminating the need for bending to prevent back strain and injury among workers.

Key features of Palevator pallet lift elevators:

  • Fast and simple operation to remove or insert springs to match load requirements
  • Capacity up to 1200kg
  • Galvanised/zinc finish or can be painted yellow/blue if required
  • Turntable of 1100mm diameter
  • Extended height of 750mm and compressed height of 240mm off the ground

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