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Packaging products available from Get Packed

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Shipping, transporting and storing a product in bulk can be made considerably easier if the products are packaged together securely. There are a number of packaging products available from Get Packed made specifically for this purpose.

Packaging products such as pallet wrap, or stretch wrap, pallet bags, pallet netting, pallet bands and even strapping are amongst the best alternatives available for securing your pallet.

Pallet wrap, or stretch wrap is a plastic film designed specifically to wrap and stretch around a pallet to hold it securely together. It comes in both a hand and machine pallet wrap. Machine pallet wrap can be used in a pallet wrapping machine for those who have larger volumes of pallets to secure.

Pallet bags or shrink bags work in exactly the same way as pallet wrap or shrink wrap, except it is a bag that is placed over the pallet and shrinked to hold the pallet securely with the use of a heat gun. Pallet bags also provide protection from the elements, which is especially important if your load can’t have dust, or rain entering the packaging.

Pallet netting is another packaging alternative, as it not only secures the load, but allows the products on the pallet to breath. This is a necessity for organic loads such as turf and produce and also works for items held in cold storage.

Strapping is often used around the load on a pallet to help give additional security and strength to the load prior to applying pallet wrap or stretch wrap for the final stage of stabilising.

Strapping a pallet can be done manually with a hand held strapping machine such as a Zapak which is battery operated, or through the use of a pallet strapping machine.

Pallet bands are also often used in conjunction with pallet wrap and are also good for those awkwardly shaped loads. Like strapping, they help to stabilise the pallet, prior to applying pallet wrap. Pallet bands can be used as an alternative to tape or strapping with the added benefit of being re-usable.

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