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Multi-purpose shrink films

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Get Packed has released the Cryovac range of multi-layered shrink films, each designed to deliver specific packaging benefits. The Cryovac Impact (formerly known as D955) is tough, durable and versatile, suitable range of applications. It also offers high-quality clarity, gloss, sheen and is abuse and puncture-resistant.

Cryovac Xenith is soft enough to wrap products that will easily distort, but strong enough to wrap irregular shapes and heavier products.

D-940 has a low shrink energy, which means it will wrap products without buckling, distorting or bending them out of shape. The film will still conform perfectly to products for optimum clarity and presentation.

MPD-2055 provides optimum clarity, high sparkle and gloss and has excellent contour hugging abilities. Its strength also provides products with excellent protection during shipping and handling.

LD-935 is an ultra-thin shrink film that offers the performance of heavy gauge films while providing excellent film strength and durability. It also provides exceptional gloss, sheen and clarity.

RD-106 has anti-fog properties combined with superior tensile strength to survive the rough and tumble of handling and distribution. RD-106 also shrinks and seals over a broad temperature range making it extremely versatile. With excellent clarity and gloss characteristics, it's a popular film for food items.

BDF-2001 film serves as an effective two-way barrier to the transfer of aromas and flavours. This is critical in situations where a variety of products are distributed, warehoused or displayed together. The oxygen barrier also provides exceptional sparkle and clarity.

Sealed Air Australia is the only polyolefin manufacturer that prints film. Among other benefits, printing helps reduce packaging costs by eliminating additional branded components. More importantly, clear, sharp, professional printing maximises the impact products have on customers. All films available in centrefold or single wound from 200mm to 785mm widths.

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