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Instapak protective packaging available from Get Packed

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Instapak is foam in bag form of protective packaging that either comes in individual bags, that before use are small enough to fit into your pocket, or larger Instapak systems that are machines that can deliver up to 21 foam filled bags per minute.

Instapak Quick:

Instapak Quick RT is a convenient, small and mobile form of foam in bag protective packaging. This product protects items of almost any size, shape or weight, and it is quick and easy to use.

All you do is pat back and forth on the small bags and you instantly have custom fitted foam protective packaging that snugly fits and protects your item ready for transport. It comes in 5 different sizes ranging from 380mm-455mm through to 560mm-685mm.

As the Instapak Quick RT foam in bag protective packaging only needs to be expanded when used, the equivalent of a room full of packaging material can be stored in a single carton. Customers receive the product damage-free in a neat professional package.

Instapak Quick RT foam in bag packaging is perfect for small to mid-size companies looking for the superior cushioning properties of Instapak foam protective packaging without a large up-front investment. There is no capital commitment or system required.

Alternatively there are the Instapak systems:

These are the same as Instapak Quick only on a larger scale. Get Packed provide systems such as the Instapak 900 series system, the Instapacker Tabletop system and the SpeedyPacker Insight Packaging system which can deliver up to 21 foam filled bags per minute providing maximum productivity and maximum protective packaging for your product at the touch of a button. If you follow the prompts to the Get Packed website then a video demonstration can be viewed.

Instapak Protective Packaging is perfect for protecting any valuable item in transport and is ideal for:

  • Any warehouse
  • Moving and storage
  • Computer warranty and repairs
  • Museum, galleries and antique shops
  • Home and internet based businesses

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